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Rich Ayala | Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

Lesson Details
Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
Ages 7+
All Levels

Homeschool Vendor For: South Sutter Charter, Inspire, Horizon, Heritage Peak, Partnerships for Students Centered Learning

Styles Include: Rock, blues, slide guitar and alternate tunings, country, fingerstyle, folk and intro to Spanish guitar.

Guitar Lessons Include: Chording and strumming, playing with and without a pick. (Flatpicking and Fingerstyle). Lead guitar concepts and technique. Slide guitar and alternate tunings. The basics of music theory are covered and applied to popular songs as well as those of the student’s choice. Lessons are geared toward the goal of the student.

Bass Lessons Include: Basic theory and technique. Playing with and without a pick, funk style and how to create a solid groove. Right and left hand fingerings and how to approach becoming a melodic player as well as developing proper technique. Learn how the role of playing bass applies to different styles of music.

Primarily Self-taught, but studied with many great teachers in over 37 years of playing. Continued studies with Local Jazz players and composers. After playing for 37 years I feel like I’m just getting to the good stuff!

Since the age of 10 I’ve always loved playing guitar and have always been surrounded by music. I had grown up listening to what is called “Classic Rock” today, but also branched out into Jazz Fusion, blues, country and soul. I currently lead the Latin Rock band “Festivalive” and am also releasing music in the instrumental rock style. Writing and performing my own music is my favorite musical accomplishment.

Rich has been teaching for 15+ years.